Who is Peter Reddy?

Hidden behind the bushes and trees of the road they named after Clarence Mangan [who was equally endowed with good hair], is the artisan house built in the 40’s of Peter Reddy AKA Redman, Hair-oil, Red St Pierre. Who is Peter Reddy you might ask, I don’t blame you for this rather obvious question,it’s not your fault that you know little of this graphic designer except what you may have heard on the grapevine. Maybe you heard he was handsome or that he dressed exceptionally well, maybe you seen his work for Electric Picnic, ‘eh yeah’ how could you miss the front facade of mainstage or the plastic recyclable glasses, or the album sleeves and artwork for numerous local musicians like Dark Room Notes, Gavin Friday, the art and photos we did for Gemma Hayes’s first album on Source and it was Redman AKA who introduced me to that damn fine Gavin Friday.

All this is so because beneath endless a3 proof prints and finished posters is a quiet revolt that speaks out only when the time is right. I hate him for his astute knowledge of the world around him, he has a clear answer for almost every situation including conversations with idiots that fall very short of their mark. There’s a standard to the the way things should be done and if it doesn’t happen it’s over. The words are straight to the point “you’re annoying me – go away” or there’s “Leg-job”

Confidently self taught and until only recently he stood by his faithfull Corel Draw program on PC when everyone else had been bitten by a bug from an Apple, he has a definitive style that has a Modaphenia twist to it’s type and colouring, the ideas are always strong with simple images and clean messages that don’t conflict the work. Delightfully the first work I did with a graphic designer was alongside Reddy and I learned a great deal about composition as a result. you safely know it will be done well and done right.

Much like those €300 horse leather brogues or the new extension he’s standing in front of here in the photo above which he had designed by his good friend Jim Lawlor who he’s done visuals for as Saso, the musical outfit. There isn’t a hair out of place in this set up, it’s all arranged and ordered like his immense CD collection which i bet is actually chronologically ordered, way too clean for my liking.

Like a smart investor from the London stock exchange or a French dealer in 18th century prints, watch out for those sharp handmade shirts…

he’ll have you’re eye out.

get this Q&A from 2005

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