Nan Goldin for patron Saint of Photography

You wouldn’t think it with the plethora of imagery centred on the idea that women need to be airbrushed beyond a normal belief, or that fame consists of doing very little with your time accept breaking up with your footballer friend, taking a few digs in the media and generally lowering the standard of imagery on magazine covers in the process. Don’t you get what you deserve? The blood boils when i see poor impressionable girls tied to a rope doing their level best to look upwards at other women on the front covers of these magazines and say “That’s me” but why should i worry about people I’ll never get to talk to anyway!

I’m just concerned for the female human race when i seem to notice that their class and panache which once made them damn sexy and attractive, is slowly being replaced by cheaper easier solutions and downhill go the principles and ideals that made beautiful funny women all over the world forget how amazing they can be and very powerful in the process. Okay i know what you’re saying, “That’s such a general statement, and not true” and if you are saying this then you’re the exception to the rule, Salutes. You’re right. There must be some good women left.

There is one woman though that has inspired me to revere women for their pure talent, their tenacity, love at all costs and understanding and that’s Nan Goldin above. Amongst friends and peers her work has come up in conversation many times for the simple reality that she’s telling the truth. The truth about her own predicament  in life, abusive relationships, the weird people around her, her lovers, her best friends who exist on the outer edges of her world, the black eyes. She  has a great deal in common with Lange or Arbus but later in time  during which America was in the midst of a revolution in sickness, a true searing line of thought through photos of a world of people beyond most of us and yet seeable and almost touchable.

For me personally her work says ‘it’s okay’, It’s Okay to take these kind of photographs and they will be respected for their honesty and truth, the work doesn’t have to lie to say this person is better because they have to be changed in the process before making it to the front cover or headline. It says this world is actually happening even though you’d like to imagine it doesn’t. It means if you see the world normally it’s profound to record it and celebrate that, celebrate it the way you see it , surely through the years she [and others great photographers] have inspired thousands of camera holders to be honest, but maybe along the way they forgot that because of her work we don’t have to excuse ourselves for doing the same, for being honest and very personal, just the way she was.

Someone give this woman a halo.

3 thoughts on “Nan Goldin for patron Saint of Photography

  1. wow. there is an amazing story this woman has to tell. i like this picture. its real. i get it. she is truely an inspiration.

  2. I recognize this picture – was it not featured it the mighty series “The Genius of Photography”.

    Anyway….i am highly interested in photography and found this out through QBN….

    Great posts….Nan Goldin great artist.

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