Sexy Nobuyoshi Araki

Like most people [Men] in the western hemisphere we are transfixed by anything Asian, Japanese, Oriental, it’s the food, the Sushi, Rice wine and funny lettering. It’s because we’re western, It’s because I’m Irish and love anything different, anything better than the constraints of Potatoes and Cabbage [which i had last night, with Bacon] or the life i have in general, the grass is definitely greener in Japan, I’ve seen it, in fact when no-one was looking i ate some.

I once had a hot bath with a Japanese member of Parliment in a 50 foot glass box built into the side of a mountain in Kumimoto South Japan totally in my birthday suit, he had no English and i had no Japanese but all was well overlooking the Japanese ocean in very hot water. That’s another blog entry altogether. Very Beat Takeshi.

So in the Gallery of Photography in Dublin’s seemingly excellent Temple Bar they have a great selection of photo books on the shelves and i spotted something very Japanese in the corner of my Irish eye in the shape of a booklet on the rather sublime Nobuyoshi Araki. Loving his photos from 1 hour places with the time stamps left on the bottom right corners, his heart wrenching photos of his late wife are desperately diary-like and honest, the very last photograph in this edition is of her asleep in a boat tired of reading. The cat gets a mention and his work of just everyday Japanese with a twist of sexiness [there’s a few rope scenes and Nudies lying about on beds, *Cough*] it remains different and fresh considering his listed first exhibition was in 1965. If you’re curious the book amongst others is available thru Thames and Hudson for next to nothing here on Amazonia. Providing a reminder that just when you forget something truly amazing it’s memory sometimes hits back.

Miss you loads Japan.

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