James Hanley RHA

Continuing on the road to god knows where my Studio project took a turn into the established and respected.
James Hanley as his name suggests he spent a great deal of time with the Royal Hibernian establishing himself as the go-to man when it comes to portraits of Ahern, Chief Justice, Haughey and Ronnie Delaney, but his output of portraits alone over ten years is fairly hefty and he just keeps going.
I first heard about his interest in CandyCollective through my friend Allyson Keehan who said he would be perfect for our site and I contacted him, maybe he wouldn’t mind be photographed and I would use the shots for news onsite and a selection in the Studio project here.

Of course I love visiting artists studios to see their set ups, I think they becom so used to their surroundings that they don’t see what I may see through the lens and the series might be a gentle reminder of what may seem forgotten but is obviously under their nose.

James freely admitted about his OCD tendencies but in the two studios was evidence of both a neat organisation and also a progression towards a more messy exsistence. He is avidly looking to change subject matter maybe even structures and techniques, This tall dark artist is still learning to paint his way through the world. One change at a time.

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