After sometime speaking to Dominic Campbell who comes across as a saviour of all sorts, a quiet inspirational hard working sage, we met first in the project arts centre at the back of the Clarence where inside 30 minutes we settled on the project idea. His invention of Bealtaine which is an age and opportunity organisation that involves older crews in the arts to help themselves, get creative and be happy, together we concieved what wasn’t named ‘INK’ at that stage but had a simple concept at heart of people that wanted to tell stories about their Tattoo’s.

INK is about older people with great tales about their tattoos as opposed to younger people with mostly fashion driven Japanese sleeves, bands and one needle works. Not that i’m against these works, they just don’t have the same depth. So I went to Baileboro just beyond Virginia in Cavan to meet Martial Artist, ex Army signal and radio man Philip McCarthy and his ten tattoos, great stories insued about his “Geno” tattoo from the Podgers gang (everyone in the gang got someone elses name on their arm) his post skinhead time and his set of swallows he got in the army, after many teas and shots I was taught about how to use my feet in a combat situation, never mind how to get my exposures right. the trophies and awards came out, the day flew in.

it was a great start to a great project with an exhibition in May at the Original Print Gallery in Temple bar on the 16th and the full set on Bealtaines website in time.

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