Inside the Purpose

What makes perfect sense to me is the strive, the effort to get to a place in photography that sits with me as a voice of my own and yet allows room to move forwards with age, experience and thought. The opposite is to continually make the same mistakes over and over which defeats all purpose and eventually begins to drive you a little crazy although there is the idea of the ‘Good’ mistake which if repeated well isn’t a mistake anymore and becomes genius.

Like Holgas photography is a process of working with ideas primarily, pushing them to a point and seeing what results you can achieve, I think of Saccenti and true to form he’s gone on to become an excellent director of videos as if it was a natural progression for him.
he collects endless sketches on a4 sheets in an effort to re-invent a concept to wow the client and produce something never seen before. I admire that process but it frightens me. Probably why I’m not a fashion photographer and apart from the lies it’s got a strict framework to reside in and you cannot make anything look normal it’s about idealism and the unattainable.

I though feel that like Doisneau, Eggleston, Winogrand or Bresson (not comparing) the real thrill is in stealing or catching an unfolding scene and making that sliver of time your own.
This is like catching fish which I look forward to getting back to when the weather turns, like a waiting game which has influenced my return to film and the anticipation of ‘waiting for the films’ or ‘waiting for that moment’ I have slowed down to look at people folding over each other in the street (it’s all about people) or waiting for a shaft of light to peek through sad cloud making them look sunny for once, Hoping for a situation that is so clearly worth shooting although there are days I don’t bring the camera and miss golden times, it’s after many hours of anticipating, seeing, not getting impatient or antsy but holding on for the sound of silver and its just turning around and staring you in the face, that by chance you get these shots you want and not hoping that your camera is set up correctly ( work this out before) or am i using the right lens, don’t worry, you’ll breathe work and get what you want.

Nothing is as bad as a big camera not getting used around a tourists fat neck or when the courage fails you to step forward and shoot what needs shooting because you think it’s so obvious. Forget that Capa said you’re photos aren’t good enough because you’re not close enough.

Okay okay I’m getting closer, I’m getting better, feeling better.

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