They Are Us

Above all reasons for staying the course and trying to get on with it (although some days are just immpossible) is staying away from the possibility of dark days of homelessness & being on the streets of my city, with a cup in hand, a lost life and a cold future. Combating this I’ve signed up to help Maser and Damien Dempsey on a project called ‘They are Us’ which is a series of 20 legal outdoor sites painted by local Graff hero Maser, of text by troubadour Damien Dempsey across Dublin city. What’s exciting is that the project is rapidly turning into a book with photographs of the process as it unfolds on the walls.
The photographs not only make it into the book but will also be printed for sale as a part of a launch exhibition and all proceeds go to the Simon Community here in Dublin.

I’m feeling much better about my day already.

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