JJ’s Hat center

Drifting around a city like the New York can distract you so much with it’s waterfalls of shopping, Korean noodles and mango slices that you bop your head off graffiti poles as your neck hurts finding street names in signs.
Off Third ave is JJ’s a place of finished wooden cabinets and clean glass full to the brim with all sorts of classic hats that are mind stopping,

sometimes expensive but always magic, It’s the words that trance me out, Biltmore from Canada, Homburg, Stingy, Fedora, Trilby, Panama, Stetson. Fantastic references.

I’ve had conversations about reasons for going to New York and recurrent answers have always included JJ’s

Dark straw, Silk felt and Barbury duck feathers in multi coloured bands, staff members in their own personal preferences help you float down the long arena of a shop that has history beyond the normal

I’m tranfixed by the place and I wish I could just sit down and talk to them and maybe if I keep going back to them they’ll remember me and offer me a tea
Last time I met an elderly fine gentleman called Herman who knew my head size instantly, it’s Like a time capsule off the busy nasty high street and provides an oasis of calm.

Watch out for the original curved glass front and 50’s display, get a Biltmore box, and extra black band and walk out $200 lighter.

Can’t wait to get back.


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