Stay Calm – Introduction.

Well starting at the start was never a bad idea. I was once struck dumb by a thunderous photograph, i had never seen a man like that stand over another man and tell him what for! It seem as if all his years had come together in one small moment and he tore asunder the others words, actions and states of mind. I read Norman Mailers account of Ali’s rumble and remembered seeing as a kid the prancing and witchcraft of this man.

Robert Capa said your photographs aren’t good enough if you’re not close enough and Neil Liefer was close enough by default, by sheer chance. He was a rookie snapper for a big paper and i read it somewhere he was stuck over on the wrong side of the ring [if there was one] and all the other established photographers on the other side of where the fight was. Unknowns to Neil he got the chance of a lifetime to shoot the one person who took a beautiful photograph, even in Black and white it was a glorious stance and moment, electric for me  i seen the original print in a Soho gallery in New York and couldn’t believe that it was stunning colour, if i had had the $5000 Dollars i would have shelled it and cried my eyes out.